Festival of Poetry and Songs in the Land of Lavender

We will be happy to organise your participation in any of the included into the festival programme events.
We can offer you an individually designed guided tour to these locations, which will combine any of the festival programme events with visiting beautiful villages, historical monuments, natural wonders, lavender fields, wine tasting, depending on your interests.

An annual week-long festival devoted to the poetry, songs, and music. Poetic journeys, conferences, spectacles, and concerts during the lavender blooming season at the place surrounded by beautiful lavender fields.


24.06.2017, Puimoisson
9.30 – 17.00. A poetic walk among the pigeon houses and huts. In cooperation with the Verdon Natural Regional Park. Meeting point at the town center parking. Participation is free.

24.06.2017, Valensole
18.00 – 19.30. Animation with songs. Place Frédéric Mistral. Participation is free.

24.06.2017, Esparron-de-Verdon
21.00.  Man of La Mancha. Theatre, music, and poetry evening. Multipurpose hall (Salle polyvalente). €10 per person.

25.06.2017, Gréoux
16.00 Live music at open air. Free concert. Placette Pauline.

25.06.2017, Saint Martin
21.00. Music and poetry spectacle. Festival hall (Salle des fêtes). €10 per person.

26.06.2017, Quinson
10.00 – 16.00. A poetic journey. Participation is free.

26.06.2017, Valensole
12.00 – 14.30. Animation and songs. Aïoli at open air. Pre-reservation is necessary.

26.06.2017, Quinson
21.00. Concert in two parts. Multipurpose hall (Salle polyvalente). €10 per person.

27.06.2017, Valensole
9.30 – 15.00. A poetic journey. Meeting point at the multipurpose hall parking.

27.06.2017, Gréoux
21.00. A Future Day. Concert. Tam pliers Castle. €10 per person.

28.06.2017, Sante-Croix-du-Verdon
21.00. A tribute to Jacques Brel. Videoconference and songs. St-Sauveur Square (St-Sauveur Place). Entrance is free.

29.06.2017, Valensole
21.00. A tribute to songs. Multipurpose hall (Salle polyvalente). €10 per person.

30.06.2017, Gréoux
11.30 – 13.30. Meals, music, and songs. Parc Verdon Activities Center.

30.06.2017, Valensole
Beginning at 19.00 French songs evening. Regal restaurant.

30.06.2017, Allemagne-en-Provence
21.00. A journey to poetry and songs. Video spectacle. School court. €10 per person.

01.07.2017, Montagnac
10.00 – 16.00. A poetic journey. Meeting point near the City hall (Mairie). Participation is free.
16.30. Carnaval. Music, poetry, marching through the village. Art expositions. Participation is free.
19.30. Evening barbecue with music and songs. Village central square. Pre-reservation is necessary.
Projection of a Valensole plateaux magic film on a big screen. Village central square. After the barbecue.