Roman Festival in Orange

During the weekend of September 9 – 10, 2017 a Roman Festival will be held in Orange. The festival is a historical and family event. The purpose of the festival is to demonstrate the lifestyle of the Roman legionaries, who lived in this land thousands years ago.

The history of Orange begins with the Roman colony of Arausio which was founded around 35 AD for the veterans of the second Gallic Legion.

The festival will take at the historic location, the Roman Theatre of Orange, the theatre built during Roman times, in the 1st century AD. Please read more about this place in the blog post The Roman Theatre of Orange is one of the best preserved Roman theatres in the world.

A Roman encampment will be reconstructed on the theatre stage. It will demonstrate various sides of the legionaries life.

The festival programme includes various demonstrations, workshops, and animations. As part of the festival, the ceremony of the imperial cult honoring the Emperor Augustus will be demonstrated to the spectators.

The festival is a wonderful opportunity to learn some historic facts in a non-boring way (especially for children), to visit a very interesting almost two thousand years old Roman Theatre of Orange, and to spend a good family weekend.