Sainte-Baume will be a true discovery for you. Many pilgrims come to this sacred place every year. We will visit an ancient, 2000 years-old grotto and feel the Bible history.


  • We will arrive to Sainte-Baume by car. I will pick you up from a pre-arranged location in Marseille (your hotel, the railway, or a specific metro station)
  • We will continue our way through the Var ridge. We will drive down a very scenic and winding mountain road to arrive to our destination
  • The grotto is located inside the cliff. There is a Benedictine monastery there now. The grotto is accessible only by foot, and the route to it goes through the forest. As a part of the tour, I will tell you about the history of this sacred place. I will also explain why Sainte-Baume has exceptional value for Christians and how it is related to the Bible
  • You can take your time and pray in the grotto, if you wish
  • After the grotto, we will go up to the top of the plateau (1000 m above the sea level). You will get a chance to enjoy magnificent views there. There, we can have a cup of mountain herbal tea – I always have some with me
  • We will return to the car and make our way back to Marseille

Please note that the tour program can be modified according to your needs. My goal is to help you enjoy your trip to the maximum! Therefore, any tour itinerary can be tailored to your needs.


  • Please take hats, hiking shoes (or at least sport ones) and sunscreen with you
  • Drinking water (1 liter per person) is necessary. If you want, you can have a small picnic on top of the plateau
  • Be ready for at least 2 hours of walking

Tour reviews

Beautiful excursion to Sainte Baume, Grotto of Saint Mary Magdalene

Dear Kateryna.

Many Thanks for the Beautiful excursion to Sainte Baume, Grotto of Saint Mary Magdalene.

During our tour I was able to receive two different positive feelings, to touch the Bible history and to enjoy the atmosphere of the wonderful forest.

Thanks for your profesionalism and cooperation. I really appreciate it.

Kind Regards.

Arsenii., Jul 22, 2017